Catchup to Bormio

I am falling behind on writing, largely because I hate typing with my thumbs aided by Apple’s increasingly broken “artificially intelligent” autocorrect. But I have been doing plenty of riding, so here are some photos.

In brief, from Acquarossa I went over the Songta Maria pass to a branch of the Rhine, which I followed down to the main river at Reichenau. I then followed the Hinterrhein up to Thusis, where I stopped at another nice but costly Swiss campground. Most things were closed on Sunday, but the convenience store had a surprisingly good selection.

The next day I crossed the Spluga Pass, which follows the narrow canyon of the Hinterrhein, then climbs in switchbacks to a saddle, and descends via many more along the Liro. It was brutally hot down low, so from Chiavenna I followed the Mera back up into Switzerland, passing by some impressive peaks that looked to be made of good rock.

From a campground in that valley, I then climbed the Maloja Pass, then followed the high lakes and valleys through Saint Moritz, crossed several small passes through Livigno, then made a huge descent to Bormio. The stretch through Livigno was justifiably popular, and I was passed by many skinny Italians.

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