Sisters – 11 of 11

South, Broken Top, and Bachelor from Middle

2 responses to “Sisters – 11 of 11

  1. Dan says:

    I recall seeing that view and thinking, ‘where do people doing the traverse go?’ The most simple option looked like the right skyline. When I was on the S Sister summit, I saw tracks indicating some people take that route. Moreover, from a skier perspective, that indirect (and unappealing from a drawing a direct-line-on-a-map perspective) actually makes a bit of sense because descending the SW side of M Sister provides a clean, enjoyable descent.

    Kudos for making the direct route go! When I read you were going to descend off the north side, my thoughts were, ‘he went for that?! How is this going to go!?!?’ Not only does it earn style points for making a traverse looks like a traverse (as though you need anymore), but it’s also just another example of taking a line that’s only reasonable for someone with skill. I love it!

    1. drdirtbag says:

      A smart person probably would have done his research and followed the right skyline, or perhaps taken the other right-trending ramp below it. I thought about the latter, but it looked kind of bony and scoured, so I somehow combined “ignorance is bliss” and “necessity is the mother of invention,” and ended up with “ignorance is the mother of adventure.” It looks like most people go N-S on the traverse and do what you describe, but I’m glad I had the opportunity to figure things out for myself.

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