Book delays

I apologize to those of you who have ordered books a little or long time ago. I did not end up where I expected to this winter, and therefore my supply of books is over 1000 miles from me. I’m working on uniting us again, at which point you will all get your books. This will definitely happen well before Christmas, if that matters. Thank you for your patience and forbearance.

Update 12/6/2021: The books are slowly making their way through the constipated bowels of the USPS. They began their journey on 11/23, with an expected delivery date of 12/2, and are currently farther away than they started, with no expected delivery date.

Update 12/20/2021: So… My books are currently on a road trip similar to one I’ve taken some summers:

  • 11/23/21 – Independence, CA
  • 11/28/21 – Los Angeles, CA
  • 12/6/21 – Seattle, WA (um… what?)
  • 12/7/21 – Denver, CO (okay, back on track)
  • 12/14/21 – Seattle, WA (WTF, DeJoy?!)
  • 12/20/21 – ??? (Skiing in the North Cascades? Climbing in Red Rocks?)

Update 12/22/2021: After rolling into Denver (again) late on the 20th, they traveled right past Santa Fe to spend the next night in Albuquerque. Realizing their mistake, they returned the following day to finally arrive at my door. This was Media Mail, but I did not expect it to take a month. Anyways, I’ll send them out tomorrow.

Update 12/23/2021: All books shipped 12/23/2021. Happy MLK Day, everyone!

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