Moving, new site features

Though hosting has been reliable and cheap for the past few years, it allows very little customization. Because I want to add some new features, I am moving the site to a shared hosting provider. The first new feature is an interactive map of trip reports, which should be much better than the state categories for browsing trip reports geographically. Click on a marker to bring up a link to the associated trip report.

In the interest of not breaking old links to, I will keep the old site up as long as it is free, but new content will only appear on the new site. Links to should work as before, though there will doubtless be some bugs in the migration. I have not yet migrated subscriptions, but will do so before abandoning the old blog, so there is no need to re-subscribe.

Please let me know if anything breaks, and feel free to offer suggestions for how to make the site more entertaining and useful.

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