Better California maps

I have never been too happy with Sport Distance Calculator for map generation, but it was “good enough” when I found it last year. Jen recently clued me in to a much nicer alternative for California: CalTopo. It allows you to draw routes on USGS 7.5′ topos, gives pretty good distance and elevation numbers if you take the time to use enough line segments, and generates great PDFs. I have updated my backpacking overview posts (High Route, Kaweah loop) to use CalTopo’s maps and stats, including multi-page, detailed PDFs.

2 responses to “Better California maps

  1. mtnnut says:

    looks like it works for colorado too. thats pretty awesome.

    1. drdirtbag says:

      You’re right! It looks like it works for the whole US — even the historical maps. Now I know what I’ll be doing while my shin and hand heal.

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