Electric Peak

Electric Peak from SE near trailhead

Electric Peak was a good test to see if I should continue feeling sore and sorry for myself: It’s a moderate hike in length and elevation (20 mi, 3200 ft), mostly on-trail with a class 3 finish. The trail even goes through mostly open territory, so the grizzly bears have a chance to get up a good head of steam before they crash into you and bite your face off. It’s also the highest point in northwest Yellowstone, and sort of the high point of the Gallatin range.

It turned out that my leg and ankle mostly work, so I’m back in business. It also turned out that the minor 3rd class finish was longer and more intimidating than I had assumed; most of a group of hikers I passed got turned back by a short catwalk section. The upper rock reminded me of the Maroon Bells in Colorado: nasty stuff that fractures in blocks and produces all kinds of unstable talus. On the other hand, such rock often has a solid core once the outside crumbles off, and it makes for interesting climbing through ledges, catwalks, and notches.

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