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  1. Bob Argiropoulos

    Hi Sean. We met on the summit of Mt. Temple (I was wearing the red Taiga jacket and a blue bandana). After reading your blog I have come to the conclusion that you, Dr. Dirtbag, may be certifiably insane. I think you should publish your stories under the title of “Dr. Dirtbag’s Ropeless Adventures in the Rockies and Elsewhere”. I am sure you’d sell a million copies and win the Boardman-Tasker, NOBA and the Banff grand awards. Please look me up if you ever need a place to stay still for a moment and relax in Calgary or someone to slow you down in the mountains.
    Good luck!

    PS. I am extremely envious of your mountainous exploits.

    • Good to hear from you! I actually self-published an e-book a few years ago, but it never got much interest. If I can figure out how to affordably print color photos, I may try a physical book.

      Not sure how near to Calgary I’ll get, but I will be headed back down the Rockies in the last part of this month. Drop me an email (contact link at right) if you want to bag something on the weekend.

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