Partial Palisades – 12 of 21

2 thoughts on “Partial Palisades – 12 of 21

  1. That side of Sill is skiable. Kim and I skied Polemonium in 2018 (terrible snow year). We were going to go for Sill, but Kim broke a pole, a storm was coming in, and temps were dropping. We were trying to force a trip since we hadn’t gotten out that year, so it was pretty ridiculous we were even out there to begin with. Our skis started buzzing from electricity one of the days we were out there.

    Ramble aside, that side of Sill was skiable in 2018, which was a horrible snow year.

    1. I’ve thought of skiing when looking at those gullies. It’s too bad that side of Sill is such an unholy pain to reach. Going over Scimitar Pass is bad enough, but then you’re forced way down to get around Jepson’s west ridge. Once you’re over there, though, I imagine that between Polemonium, Sill, and Barrett, there’s skiing on almost every aspect.

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