Introducing “40 Classic Scrambles of North America”

After a decade of scrambling, and several years kicking spreadsheets and drafts around my hard drive, I am pleased to announce the publication of Forty Classic Scrambles of North America. Inspired by Roper and Steck’s Fifty Classic Climbs, but aimed at scramblers like myself, it presents forty excellent moderate routes from across western North America, from the Sonoran Desert of southern Arizona to the northern Canadian Rockies. The guide is intended for people familiar with their “home” mountains who want to explore similar terrain farther afield. Routes range in difficult from class 3 to 5.7, and in length from half-day jaunts to fifty-mile epics.

Interested? Check out the sample chapter.

Like it? It should begin shipping in 1-2 weeks, and costs $35 + $5 shipping and handling.

(Don’t use PayPal? I also take personal checks. Email me for details.)

4 responses to “Introducing “40 Classic Scrambles of North America”

  1. Bob A says:

    Congratulations Sean! Your book looks absolutely fantastic. I love the ode to roper & steck’s classic with your front cover. I just bought a copy! I’m hoping that it becomes a classic. I’m honored that I did one of these classics with you and looking forward to knocking off the other 38 (Sir Donald is also done on your recommendation and I’m in agreement).
    Best of luck Sean.

    1. drdirtbag says:

      Thanks! It’s part of my subtle effort to lure you out of the frozen wastes you inhabit. I hope you get some mileage out of it, and maybe even suggest some other good scrambles in Canada — I need to return for Edith Cavell and maybe Tantalus, and I’m sure there are plenty of others of which I am unaware.

      PS — I’m glad you caught the Roper and Steck cover reference. I tried a couple of designs before I remembered that photo of Bob Burd downclimbing one of the Finger Peaks in Yosemite.

  2. Bob Burd says:

    That guy looks like he knows what he’s doing. He should put on a clinic. :-)

    1. drdirtbag says:

      I believe the clinic is in its 19th year, and I regret missing it.

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