Dublin – 11 of 15

2 responses to “Dublin – 11 of 15

  1. Pam Fabricius-Olsen

    Great report, Sean! Aren’t you glad you didn’t sleep the day away at the airport? Thanks for including pics of the flowers~pretty sure the dark purple with the white centers are foxglove~perhaps a hybrid. Lovely. Peggy and I spent the day, yesterday, in Hanging Canyon, battling snow fields and tackling Mount St. John. Sadly, my ineptitude kept us from summiting, but now Peggy has it all scoped out for a later date. Enjoy your trip~always good to hear from you.


    • You’re probably right about the flowers. A lot was lost on me, especially since most were just labeled with their Latin names. Quite a few seemed to be hybrids or breeds from particular people. I’ll have to be better prepared for my visit on the way back.

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