2013 in review

When our memories outweigh our dreams, we have grown old.
— Bill Clinton

With a hand probably months from full function, and a shin requiring ice and rest, my season is undeniably over. For unimportant reasons, it has been neither the season I expected nor one I wanted — call it regression toward the mean, toward life’s natural mediocrity.

I doubt I will spend as much time in familiar places next year. Hiking around the Sierra and Tetons this summer, I have been surrounded by the ghosts of better climbs and better years. If I return to either place next season, it will be on short trips aimed at specific objectives. I have ideas for both places, but they depend on developing sufficient fitness, skill, and motivation over the winter.

If I do anything interesting, I will write about it here, but as usual, winter posting will be sporadic. If you have enjoyed following along this year, I encourage you to subscribe in some manner, so you will know when the quiet period ends.

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