Review: La Sportiva Crossleather (RIP)

After two months’ hard use, my La Sportiva Crossleathers finally died. While I have been less than impressed with the durability of some other Sportiva shoes (Quantums), these both performed well and took an amazing amount of abuse. Sadly, they are being discontinued, so the pair I just bought for the rest of this summer will probably be my last.

The Crossleather is basically the Crosslite (mud-running shoe) with a leather upper. I bought them mostly because they were on sale, but found them well-suited to most of what I do, from day-tripping Gannett to climbing the Grand Teton’s Petzoldt Ridge, from long part-trail hikes to soloing 5.4 rock.

What made the Crossleathers work for me? Performance-wise, they have decent grip on mud and snow, their large lugs far better than some other models’ smooth waves. They protect both the toes and sides of your feet, though I prefer the Quantum’s squared-off toe guard. They both climb reasonably well and run like trail runners. The leather makes them somewhat more water-resistant in puddles, but also causes them to stay wet longer once they are fully soaked.

Durability-wise, they remained usable for close to 1000 miles before the soles started simultaneously peeling off and wearing through; the uppers are still in good shape. In the past, the Sierra Challenge (10 days on- and off-trail in the Sierra Nevada) has completely destroyed at least one pair of shoes, tearing the mesh sides and/or peeling off the soles. I expect my new Crossleathers to emerge in usable condition, and to last for the rest of my season.

If you need a light hiker or heavy trail-runner, pick some up while they’re still on clearance.

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